28 déc. 2017

Le Marché du vin en Chine en 2018

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Le Marché du vin en Chine en 2018 

Chinese consumers are easily influenced by luxury foreign brands. Thus they are purchasing only from brands and companies they have known, which makes it hard toearn Chinese consumer’s trust.

If you want to attract the younger generations in China, you have to consider twoimportant things: the packaging and lower alcohol content. About to packaging,Chinese consumers prefer classy expensive looking designs. It makes them feel moresophisticated. Instead of traditional Chinese alcohol with high alcohol content such asBaijiu and Mijiu, the younger generations prefer to consume alcohol with lowercontent such as beer and wine

Top 5 des marchés prometteurs en Chine

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China is now the Eldorado of small and large companies that want to embark on business in China. But before entering into the Chinese market, it is important to do amarket research to find out which are the most promising sectors in China. This article will review the most lucrative markets in China. Chinese consumers make their purchasing decisions based on their perception of the product. 

With higher incomes, consumers are looking for more high-quality products that offergreat well- being. Very good quality products are usually 20 times more expensive than average. For theChinese households, wealthy means average 136,000 yuan ($ 19,800) or more eachyear. Approximately 11 million Chinese households reach the status of "new rich". It istherefore imperative to understand this new type of consumer in order to betterunderstand the growth sectors in China. Education - It weighed nearly RMB 1.6 billion (€ 220 million) in 2015 - Nearly RMB 3 billion (410 million euros) by 2020. - Of 1.5 billion Chinese citizens, 17% are between 0 and 14 years old, requireeducation. - More than 350 international schools in China toda

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23 déc. 2017

Les étudiants chinois réussissent mieux que les autres

Pourquoi donc à votre avis les étudiants Asiatiques et Chinois réussissent mieux que les autres ?

Les pays en Asie occupent les premières places du tête du classement PISA qui évalue le niveau des élèves de 15 ans dans le monde. un expert Jean-François Sabouret, sociologue spécialiste du Japon, explique les ingrédients de cette réussite. Parmi les enseignements du classement Pisa (Programme for international student assessment), il y a la domination sans partage des pays asiatiques: le premier pays européen ne pointe qu'à la huitième place et il s'agit du... Liechtenstein. Arrivent en tête: Shanghaï, Singapour, Hong Kong, suivis de Taïwan, la Corée du Sud, Macao (Chine), et le Japon. Quel sont les secrets de cette réussite? Le sociologue et directeur émérite au CNRS, Jean-François Sabouret, spécialiste du Japon, apporte quelques éléments de réponses.
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Un reportage sur l'éducation à la Chinoise qui a fait couler beaucoup d'encre en Angleterre

Lire aussi les résultats des Ecoles asiatiques

American educators received a wake-up call today when it was revealed that students in Shanghai rank number one globally in reading, math and science, far outpacing their American peers. Despite modest gains in math and science, the U.S. continues to lag behind other developed countries.

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 to ensure that something is held, understudies could be tested toward the finish of the session – however this ought to make little difference to their evaluations. Or, then again, there could be gather dialogs a while later. Understudies could likewise perform chronicled plays, compose papers in view of library and online research, make history-themed craftsmanship objects, even web journals and computer games, et cetera. Support could come in the method for prizes inside the school; there could likewise be interschool rivalries to spur understudies.
We should hear different recommendations on the types of discovering that can be embraced to upgrade understudies’ learning knowledge.
Having instructed at auxiliary and tertiary levels, I am persuaded that the weight of exams could murder a subject.

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21 déc. 2017

Le Developement du Marketing B2B en Chine

2 vidéos qui expliquent très bien cette problématique !

B2B en Chine 

d'après le site education Focus le B2B se développe en Chine, et un manque dans l'éducation est visible...

The mechanical division speaks to 70% of China total national output (GDP). China is a noteworthy maker of wells and hardware on the planet. Their monetary model in view of modest work and low resale cost is changing with the improvement of the white collar class and the wages rise.

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1 déc. 2017

Education in China :

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Les clients du site verdoyant de Dulwich, à la périphérie de Shanghai, trouveront des espaces ouverts qui se démarqueront radicalement de l'agitation générale de cette ville incroyablement moderne et en plein essor.

La scène mondiale de la formation en Chine, semblable à son économie, prend rapidement son essor, quelques fondations importantes ayant été ouvertes récemment. Les écoles globales ici n'incluent pas les jeunes du pays d'accueil à moins que leurs parents aient des permis de voyage à distance, puisque les enfants des sujets chinois ne sont pas autorisés à aller à l'extérieur des écoles universelles travaillées. Les profils d'accompagnement comprennent des établissements qui sont reliés à deux des écoles les plus importantes financées par le gouvernement britannique.

The English School of Beijing is said by its make a beeline for be the center point of its expat group, pulling in guardians from English and different government offices and also those working for major multi-nationals. It presents itself as focusing on antiquated civility and not enduring poor conduct.
Like DCS, the school was built up in 2003. Since 2009, it has been worked by Nord Anglia, the English based organization which runs 12 schools globally, incorporating four in China.

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